Powered flue fan-assisted heaters (Kestrel)

Kestrel 250S

Our Kestrel 250S powered flue fan-assisted heater is cheap to run but provides highly efficient heat for small to medium-sized building spaces. Larger in size than our 150S model, the Kestrel 250S offers an increased maximum output of 7.3kW and effectively achieves up to 93.9% heating efficiency.

Unlike most gas heaters which burn oxygen from the room, our Kestrel 250S wall heater does not take air from the interior to support combustion, so it provides rapid, comfortable heat exactly where it is needed most without diminishing room air quality.

Our Kestrel 250S powered flue gas heater has an integral thermostat where all the controls are contained inside a lockable compartment and can be supplied with safety guards, if required. It can also be configured for natural gas or propane.

All of our powered flue fan-assisted heaters come with a 1 year warranty and 5 years heat exchanger warranty.

Download our Kestrel 250S Installation Guide and User Guide.

Technical specification

Dimensions 758mm (W), 762mm (H), 390mm (D)
Input 8.9kW
Output 7.3kw
Minimum wall thickness 12mm
Maximum wall thickness 1000mm with long flue
Flue hole size 100mm diameter
Electrical supply 240V


To order a powered flue fan-assisted heater or for further information, call our heating advice team on 01444 415 871 or email us at sales@vulcanagas.co.uk.

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