Powered flue fan-assisted heaters (Kestrel)

Powered flue fan-assisted gas heaters provide greater efficiency, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs in comparison to other types of gas heaters.

Optimum efficiency is achieved through the fan control, which ensures sufficient air for combustion is drawn in from outside the building and exhaust gases are expelled.

Modern, efficient gas heating

Unlike most gas heaters which burn oxygen from the room, our Kestrel powered flue fan-assisted heaters do not take air from the interior to support combustion, so they provide long-lasting, efficient and comfortable heating without reducing room air quality.

Our Kestrel room-sealed powered flue gas heaters achieve up to 93.9% heating efficiency and are available in a variety of different sizes; the greater the size, the larger the output:

Most of our Kestrel heaters have an integral thermostat where all the controls are contained inside a lockable compartment and can be supplied with safety guards, if required, and all models can be configured for natural gas or propane.

To order a powered flue fan-assisted heater or for further information, call our heating advice team on 01444 415 871 or email us at

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