Balanced flue convector heaters

Balanced flue gas heaters use natural convection within a building to provide flexible and comfortable warmth to churches, schools, libraries, offices and other commercial buildings.

A room-sealed heat exchanger makes balanced flue convector heaters much safer and easier to clean than open-fronted conventional gas fires. The sophisticated flue system draws air from outside the building for combustion and expels it back outside through a separate compartment of the flue providing safe warmth. 

Quiet, stable, low-maintenance gas heating

Our Temcana 6C and 6C/EM heaters and the Art series are the latest balanced flue gas heaters available on the market so you can be guaranteed safe, quiet, stable and low-maintenance heating at all times.

If you have an old balanced flue convector heater that is inefficient or not working properly, we can recommend a suitable heater replacement and install it ready for you to use.

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