Church Heating

Church heating specialists

Vulcana has been heating churches in the UK since 1966 and has built a reputation in the industry as a church heating specialist.

Churches present unique and sometimes challenging heating problems due to their large open spaces. Old stone churches and modern places of worship often share the same problems when it comes to heating – high walls, high roofs, and in most cases, single-glazed stained glass windows.

Vulcana understands these challenges and has developed a range of gas heaters that provide economical and efficient heating for all types of churches.

Energy-efficient church heaters

Our gas heaters provide a ‘green’ heating solution and can help lower a church’s carbon footprint as they offer up to 93.9% heating efficiency and comply with current environmental directives and modern building regulations.

Church heater surveys and servicing

Our GAS SAFE registered church heating installers are able to conduct a full heater survey to assess and recommend the best heating system to suit your church’s heating requirements. We also provide after care which includes a programme of church heating servicing and maintenance.

Other Sectors

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School Heating

Vulcana recognises the importance of effective heating in schools. A school classroom or assembly hall that is too hot or too cold can have a negative affect on students’ concentration and learning ability, so when it comes to heating school buildings, it is important to consult a school heating specialist.

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Library Heating

Vulcana has installed gas heaters in all types of libraries, from small school libraries to large-scale public libraries and libraries on university campuses.

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