Heater servicing and maintenance

At Vulcana Gas we offer a one-stop gas heating service. This means we can manufacture, install and service your gas heaters. Our British manufactured heaters are supported by a UK network of engineers who will help keep your space warm come rain or shine!

Over the years we have provided heating solutions for thousands of churches, town halls, schools and other commercial premises. Most of our customers choose Vulcana Gas for their annual heater servicing. Thanks to our fixed price heater service agreement, we offer cost effective and budget friendly heating maintenance. The fixed price heater service agreement we offer is renewable every two years so you can budget with confidence.

Safety and comfort are at the heart of what we do, so on each servicing visit our GAS SAFE registered heating engineers will check your heaters are working safely and efficiently. We will also clean heaters and adjust components where necessary. Our team of expert heating engineers will advise you when your heater needs new parts or materials, discussing any additional charges prior to installation.

Regular gas heater maintenance can help to avoid costly issues further down the line, helping to reduce the need for more significant boiler repairs. Our engineers are specifically trained to repair and service our Kestrel and Temcana heaters. Both ranges offer reliable, comfortable heating whenever you require it, but regular maintenance and servicing will help keep your heaters efficient for years to come. You can find out more about our maintenance service for balanced flue convector heaters or powered flue fan assisted heaters by contacting us today!

Other Sectors

Church Heating Icon

Church Heating

Vulcana has been heating churches in the UK since 1966 and has built a reputation in the industry as a church heating specialist.

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School Heating Icon

School Heating

Vulcana recognises the importance of effective heating in schools. A school classroom or assembly hall that is too hot or too cold can have a negative affect on students’ concentration and learning ability, so when it comes to heating school buildings, it is important to consult a school heating specialist.

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Library Heating

Vulcana has installed gas heaters in all types of libraries, from small school libraries to large-scale public libraries and libraries on university campuses.

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