Spare parts for heaters

We stock a variety of spare parts for our current heaters and many older heater models including the following obsolete Kestrel heaters and EPF series heaters:

  • Kestrel 270 delivers 7.9kW output
  • Kestrel 370 delivers 10.84kW output
  • PS60 overhead heater delivers 5.85kW output
  • PS90 overhead heater delivers 9.1kW output
  • Temcana 8C, 8CEM, 16C, 16CEM
  • Temcana EPF10
  • Temcana EPF20 & 20E
  • Temcana EPF19C
  • Temcana Kestrel 270 & 370
  • Temcana RC 302

If your heater is past repair, we will advise you on the most cost-effective heater replacement.

Quiet, stable, low-maintenance gas heating

Our Temcana 6C and 6C/EM heaters and the Art series are the latest balanced flue gas heaters available on the market so you can be guaranteed safe, quiet, stable and low-maintenance heating at all times.

If you have an old balanced flue convector heater that is inefficient or not working properly, we can recommend a suitable heater replacement and install it ready for you to use.

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