Vulcana delivers cost-effective heating solution for school chapel

Priory School Chapel, Lewes

Vulcana was approached by Priory School in Lewes during the summer holidays to install a new gas powered heating system in the school chapel.

Overhead infrared heaters in the chapel were not performing adequately and so the school contacted their existing contractor to quote for an upgrade. The quotes provided were unacceptable and so other estimates were then sought.

Vulcana was approached after having previously installed a Temcana 6C heater in the organ loft of the chapel. Having provided a quote for the new project which was considerably less than the original from the school’s existing contractor, Vulcana was selected to carry out the work.

The project involved installing a heating system in the chapel at the school. The chapel is a stone-built building erected in 1960 to honour those from Lewes Country Grammar School for Boys who died in World War 2. The existing Priory School was formed in 1969 when Lewes County Grammar School for Girls, Lewes County Grammar School for Boys and Lewes Secondary Modern School all joined to form one comprehensive.

The chapel itself has a place in history as a design of the famous architect Sir Edward Maufe and has seen some notable Priory School pupils pass through its doors including journalist Piers Morgan, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham Tim Loughton and author Graeme K Talboys.

Vulcana installed four Kestrel 55 powered flue fan-assisted gas heaters at the premises. The heaters offer an output of 16.12kW – making them ideal to heat large spaces such as those found in Priory School chapel and a perfect replacement to the previous underperforming system.

The heaters are floor-standing, which means they are easy to operate, and can be fitted with safety guards when required – perfect for applications where safety is paramount, such as in schools.

Rapid, comfortable heating is achieved with Kestrel 55 heaters owing to the fact they do not burn oxygen from within the interior to support combustion, which means the system operates without diminishing the air quality of the room.

Vulcana provided Priory School with a complete installation, providing the heaters as well as laying pipe work and electrics. Overall, 140ft of gas run and wiring was installed as part of the project – 70ft on either side of the chapel.

The underperforming infrared system that was to be replaced had itself replaced an earlier system and it was hoped the original ducting holes could be reused and repurposed for the flues of the new Vulcana installed Kestrel heating system.

It was found that the assumption these holes were merely plated over was incorrect, they had been bricked up and the task of arduously drilling new holes was carried out by Vulcana through the thick stonework of the chapel exterior.

Despite this set back, the project was completed in just three days in mid-August during the school holidays to ensure no disruption was caused as the school prepared for the coming term.

Ian Fines, Bursar at Priory School, said: “I’m absolutely happy with how the project has turned out and the level of service was just as pleasing. The Vulcana team were good; clean, tidy professional and very polite.

“I got four quotes from different companies and Vulcana were certainly the most competitive, which happens when dealing directly with the manufacturer. We’re also delighted to be dealing with a local company.

“I’d certainly approach Vulcana again for our next heating installation – without hesitation.”

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