Commercial wall heaters – heating specialist buildings and enclosures

Our heating specialists are often called upon to heat buildings such as churches, schools and office blocks. However, on occasion our experts receive enquiries for heating more unusual spaces. Commercial wall heaters are versatile heating solutions; this means they can be applied to many environments including animal enclosures at zoos, farms, kennels and vets.

Over the last few years, our team have been able to recommend and install heating solutions for a number of outlets across the UK. One area we have seen an increase in demand for our services is in buildings utilised by the scouts and guides.

Scouts and guides

The heating specialists at Vulcana Gas were initially approached in 2015 to add a Kestrel 400SE to a scout and guide building in Crowthorne. This was to work in conjunction with the existing commercial wall heaters to boost the system. In 2017, it was decided a Kestrel 55 should be used to replace an old heater in the same building. Thanks to our team’s experience in finding the best heating solutions, we were called upon for the second time to help keep the building warm and cost effective.

Our next installation in this field took place in Hemel Hempstead in 2016. Our team of experts were called in to upgrade the gas carcass in the building in order to meet current standards. A Kestrel 55 was fitted as part of a planned, stepped improvement to the heating system.  In 2017 a further Kestrel 55 was added as part of the plan of upgrading the commercial wall heaters.

Kestrel 55 heaters

Kestrel 55 heaters are often the perfect solution for large buildings utilised by groups. Owing to their high efficiency levels, these Commercial wall heaters provide comfortable, cost effective heat. Thanks to these properties, they’ve become a preferred solution among scouts and guides.

This was followed by an installation in 2016 meaning the scouts and guides in Wingerworth could enjoy a well heated space. The building had an old EPF heater which was not efficient or providing a good heat output. The team at Vulcana recommended and installed a Kestrel 55 in its place. This offered a significant upgrade in heating performance and heat up time.

Commercial wall heaters for specialist buildings

Thanks to our expertise in heating large spaces for the scouts and guides, in 2017 we were able to recommend a new system for Sheppey District Scout’s HQ. After a new mains gas supply was run, a Kestrel 400SE was fitted to take advantage of the running costs savings over using LPG. This enabled the group to better manage their budgets while maintaining comfortable and warm premises.

Our heating experts also have a wealth of experience in commercial wall heaters for premises looking after animals including farms. 2017 saw our team venture to Berkshire to visit Tally Ho Farm in Winkfield. The farm specialises in equestrian and polo products and required an efficient, fast heating system. We installed two heaters for the farm –  a Kestrel 150S in the office to replace an old inefficient model of another make, followed by a Kestrel 55 in the main shop which required a high output unit to provide a fast warm up to a large area.

To find out about heating your specialist building, please contact us or call 01444 415871.

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