Effective heating for public buildings

Rising energy prices and the introduction of stricter environmental legislation has meant that for many public buildings, heating costs have soared in recent years. To avoid unnecessary heating bills, managing heat wastage is crucial, but can be a challenge.

Take heating a town or village hall for example. Community halls are often used by a number of different groups for activities including council meetings, yoga lessons, art exhibitions and social events. Although some might be regular weekly activities, others might be one-off events, and require the hall for just 1-2 hours at a time. Relying on the building’s boiler system in this instance is likely to be costly and deliver insufficient heat – as boilers are expensive to reconfigure and always need time to kick in.

Gas fired heaters offer flexible, more cost effective heating for village and town halls, particularly where infrequent heating is required, as they can be easily switched on and off and heat up in a matter of minutes.

Although gas heaters can work well alongside a public building’s boiler system, they can also provide very effective heating on their own. They are cheap to run, easy to operate and provide warmth and comfort on demand – whatever the location. School sports halls and mobile classrooms; church halls; libraries; police and fire stations; car showrooms; retail outlets; hotels; offices; and warehouses, are just some examples of buildings where we’ve installed our gas heaters.

If you’re considering getting a heater installed in your public building, gas heaters offer many advantages in comparison to electric heaters and other forms of space heating. Convenience aside, gas is the cleanest burning, lowest emission fossil fuel, offering a more environmentally friendly method of heating your building. Our balanced flue and powered flue fan-assisted models draw air from outside the building for combustion and expel exhaust gases outside through the exterior walls providing safe warmth. They can also run on mains gas or liquefied petroleum (LPG) so you can easily install them in remote sites or mobile buildings.

If you would like advice about heating your public building, call us on 01444 415871 or complete our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can find out more about our gas fired heaters here.

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