Efficient heating – powered flue heaters

Heating large commercial buildings requires a robust, efficient, safe and cost effective system. Efficient heating for commercial properties should also not infringe on space. This is where powered flue heating can offer a well-rounded solution for a variety of spaces. Here, our efficient heating experts discuss the benefits of powered flue heating and how to find the perfect system for your needs…

Efficient heating for all

Powered flue heating can be incredibly efficient.  The heaters work by utilising air from the outside of a building for combustion and effectively burning it for energy to heat the desired space. The temperature can then be controlled throughout the day via the use of a thermostat.

Powered flue heating is not only efficient in terms of price; a real benefit when you consider the potential costs of heating a large public space, but also in terms of energy. The level of efficiency provided by this type of heating is also great for the environment. This is because it can help to reduce co2 emissions.

Powered flue heating can be particularly useful when efficient heating is required sporadically, rather than in a building where heating is in continuous use. This is due to the absence of a pilot light which can waste a large amount of gas.

Powered flue heating works with the usage of closed combustion, this allows for fuel saving benefits. Further efficiency can be created via the use of inbuilt fan controls. This allows for even, uninterrupted heating, meaning your space will be heated consistently throughout.


When heating a public building, or any space for that matter, safety should always be paramount. Safety guards are available for powered flue heaters, meaning it’s not just efficient heating they offer.  It’s also worth considering the health benefits of a good heating system too, particularly in spaces where vulnerable people may visit regularly such as children or the elderly. Powered flue heating with fan assistance offers optimum air quality ensuring a comfortable environment for all occupants. This is particularly pertinent for school buildings, where it has been proven that comfortable heating conditions can help improve pupils’ concentration.

Buildings that are prone to damp could see the problem exacerbated by old heating models that were not built with this issue in mind. A new powered flue fan-assisted heater can help to prevent damp and the spreading of mould via the usage of fan convection. These heaters distribute the flow of heat evenly and at a steady pace, not allowing for conditions where damp and mould may thrive.

Commercial Buildings

Whether you need efficient heating for a building with high ceilings such as a church or a school or smaller premises such as a town hall, heating requirements remain the same.  Powered flue heating doesn’t require the building to have a chimney. The systems can be fitted to walls, making them a versatile option.

Powered flue heating also works for many buildings thanks to its flexibility. Recent enquiries at Vulcana Gas include a dog care centre, but previous installations include leisure centres and religious buildings.

For buildings where separate areas of efficient heating may need to be controlled at different times, there is the option to heat only specific rooms by using linked controls. Clock controls allow for complete flexibility with your heating system, making them ideal for large buildings with multiple rooms. Powered flue heating solutions are generally relatively low maintenance and can be installed with minimum disruption, making them ideal for busy working environments.

To find out more about how powered flue heating can help warm your building and its visitors, please contact us or call our experts on 01444 415871.

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