Gas heater market update: How big changes may affect your heating and what you can do

It is no secret 2020 has been a year of challenge and change for most businesses. The gas heater market is no different, with significant changes now meaning it may not be possible to get hold of specific heater spare parts from your usual supplier.

Gas heater market changes

Vulcana Gas has now become the only UK supplier of gas fired powered flued unit wall heaters to the UK commercial and light industrial markets. We have vast experience with dealing with specialist buildings and we are pleased to say that we now have the Landmarc accreditation no. 14326 as a supplier to the MOD. No job is too unusual or complex for our team. Gas powered heaters may be used in many commercial and industrial environments including schools, churches, retail units, factories, and farms to name but a few. There is no need to worry if you cannot get hold of your usual supplier, however. Vulcana Gas is prepared for the busy upcoming winter season and we can provide heaters and spare parts that can replace the likes of the popular DRU Kamara heaters or the widely used Rinnai 1004 and 556 models. These models are no longer available in the marketplace, and you may find that it is more difficult to get hold of spare parts for these gas heaters.

What gas heaters are currently available in the UK?

The Vulcana Gas range of Kestrel heaters are suitable for replacing all previously installed or specified models by DRU or Rinnai. This means there is no need to be concerned about having to replace your entire heating system in the current climate. Our team of engineers are well versed in these types of gas heaters and can provide fitting and maintenance services too. You may not be able to get gas fired powered flued heating from any other supplier in the UK.

Should I be concerned about the supply of gas fired powered flued unit heaters?

The gas heater market spans the entirety of the UK with gas fired powered flued unit wall heaters in use in public buildings across the country. Gas heaters are a safe and efficient method of heating large spaces while using minimum energy which is why they are often favoured for large spaces. Popular with many local authorities and public buildings, our Kestrel heaters can be bought and installed as widely as Gwynnedd in Wales up to Liverpool and across to East Anglia. Put simply, we can service and install using our own expert engineers across the whole of the UK. The Vulcana Kestrel gas heaters are manufactured here in Britain by us meaning we can provide a fast and efficient service to businesses and buildings across the country.

Safe gas heater and spare part installation

We would like to assure customers that we are still able to safely undertake installations during the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a UK based company we do not anticipate any stock issues in the wake of BREXIT later on this year. Regardless of whether you have one site or are a local authority or other such entity with multiple sites spanning the length and breadth of the country, we are here to help you. The gas heater market is still very much alive in Britain, and it is our mission to keep heater availability and servicing going strong.

To find out more about replacing your gas fired powered flued unit heaters, or if you are unable to contact your current supplier and need support, please contact our friendly team today!





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