Heating surveys & recommendations – how much should you pay?

If your current heating system isn’t keeping your building warm or isn’t meeting current standards, it’s advisable to get an expert to tell you where you can improve. At Vulcana Gas, our surveys are free of charge. There is no cost for an assessment from our expert heating engineers and you’re free to use the information as you wish. Read on to find out more about heating surveys and improving your heating…

What are heating surveys or heat loss surveys?

Heating surveys involve a heating expert visiting your premises. This is done prior to quotation stage for a new heating solution. It enables the engineer to make recommendations on the best heating for your usage. A good heating survey will take into consideration your heating requirements and usage and how the building may lose heat.

It’s worth getting a heat loss survey if your building is often cold despite regular heating or if the costs to keep your building heated are higher than you may expect. Our team of gas heating experts will carry out a full free heat-loss survey and calculate the heat input required. If there are ways that the building is losing heat our team will identify them and recommend a solution.

Our team specialise in surveys for schools and surveys for churches as well as other commercial premises so if you’d like to find out how your building could be kept warm, please contact us.

How much does a heating survey or heat loss survey cost?

Some self-appointed heating experts will charge for visiting and surveying premises. At Vulcana Gas, this is a complimentary service. Pre-purchase heat loss surveys can help us to determine how many heaters you need. It will also help our engineers decide which type of heater is suitable for your requirements.

Powered flue fan assisted heaters (Kestrel range) are geared towards offering greater efficiency for large spaces. They are ideal for buildings such as churches where fan control can help reduce energy consumption while optional safety guards can help protect members of the public.

Balanced flue convector heaters (Temcana heaters) for example may be suitable for buildings where quiet and comfortable heating is required such as small enclosed areas . This may include offices, vestries, store rooms or toilet blocks. The best way to determine which type will work for your building is to survey it.

What things might a heat loss survey reveal?

There are several ways buildings can lose heat. It could be due to poor insulation or in many cases heat is often lost through the roof. Public buildings with a high volume of people coming and going often lose heat through automatic doors with delayed closure. The heat loss survey may also show your current heating system is outdated or ineffective. It can often be the case that large buildings and public spaces do not have the correct heating system for their building’s space or usage.

To arrange your free heating survey please contact our expert gas engineers today!

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