Deliverance from the cold and damp

Corfe Castle Evangelical Church, Dorset

Two conventionally flued natural convection heaters in Corfe Castle Evangelical Congregational Church, Dorset have been replaced by a pair of Vulcana K12 12kW powered flue fan-assisted heaters, to provide safe, quiet, discrete and energy efficient church heating.

The K12 powered flue fan-assisted heaters employ closed combustion, forced flue and forced convection and a small diameter wall flue kit.

Vulcana’s Sales Director, Colin Coutts, said: “One problem with the old heaters was that their 6-inch stainless steel flues went through the church roof. The apertures could not be sealed properly and, as a result, damp was entering the building.

“The new wall-mounted heaters enable a greater amount of heat to be generated more rapidly because they employ fan convection to distribute it quickly and evenly. They have also lowered the running costs because the K12 heaters have no pilot lights, instead using electronic ignition. And there are no longer flues running up the inside of the church walls.”

Corfe Castle Evangelical Congregational Church was founded in 1835 and is a Grade 2 listed building.

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