New LPG heating system provides exceptional comfort at village hall

Vulcana was approached by Bolton Village Hall in Northumberland to install a new LPG powered heating system to make winter months in the community centre more comfortable and welcoming.

Thanks to a grant obtained from the National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ programme the hall, which is used as a community hub and is a registered charity, was able to replace its unfit-for-purpose electric system with Vulcana’s gas-fired heating system.

The electric convector heaters previously installed weren’t up to scratch, so Vulcana installed four Kestrel 250S heaters, using LP gas as a fuel source, and complete with EnergySaver switches.

John Herriman, part of the Bolton Village Hall Committee, said: “Previously the electric convector heaters just weren’t up to the job, the new Vulcana heaters do it excellently.

“The hall is for the benefit of the community and is now a lot comfier and cosier.”

In addition to the advancements made in heating the building, cost savings are made thanks to the fuel of choice: LPG. The typical cost for providing electric heating (and hot water) for an average building is 24 per cent higher than the typical cost in respect of an LPG-fuelled home.

The project was, in effect, an entirely new installation with new gas and electrical supplies connected to each heater. The installation of the heaters and these additional elements ran extremely smoothly after an initial delay in obtaining planning permission for the LP gas tank.

The relative remoteness of the site was an issue for Vulcana to overcome, though temporary residence was secured at one of the very few local guest houses – where we are proud to say our team excelled itself.

Catherine Lister, of Old Bewick Farmhouse bed and breakfast, was so impressed that she contacted Vulcana: “I am writing to say what lovely lads your workers were. I’ve never known guests to be so tidy, quiet, and polite. Usually I am a bit wary of taking workmen because of past experiences, but your lads can come back anytime.”

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