Vulcana returns to St Aidan’s to install new church heating system

Saint Aidan’s Church, Leicester

St Aidan’s church in Leicester unfortunately fell victim to the theft of external copper piping, leaving the congregation cold in the pews without a gas supply to its church heaters.

Vulcana was contacted by St Aidan’s to carry out the replacement work, having built up a good working relationship during a previous job.

The brief was to run new piping from the existing gas meter in an external trench dug along the south and east walls and terminating at the heater position in the meeting room. Additionally, new piping was to be installed internally from the gas supply adjacent to the west wall to three heater positions on the north wall, with the heaters needing to be elevated on plinths. Finally, all nine church heaters were to be connected to the gas supply.

This was devised and recommended by Vulcana as the most cost-effective and efficient option, which would prevent thieves at the same time.

To finalise the project, Vulcana commissioned a number of items, including heaters, copper piping and three plinths, before successfully completing the installation.

Margaret Isom, Churchwarden at Saint Aidan’s, said: “Vulcana’s team of heating installers were very good, they kept to their word. They were prompt, well organised and very efficient.

“There was a two to three week turnaround from the initial reporting of the problem. It was fixed in one-and-a-half days. That’s impressive by any standard!”

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