Commercial gas heaters – upgrading your space

A heating upgrade is occasionally necessary in a large commercial space, especially if your system is old and outdated. Commercial gas heaters can be a great investment, offering a versatile and efficient heating solution in the long term.

Over the last 50 years, Vulcana Gas has provided heating upgrades for a variety of commercial buildings – these include schools, zoos, churches, farms, factories and hotels to name but a few. Ensuring you find the right system for your usage and space is the key to keeping your building warm and cost effective.

Don’t just take our word for it though – read on to find out about some recent jobs our team of heating experts have completed.

World Heritage building heating

When Wandsworth’s Royal Victoria Patriotic Building needed a new heating system, they turned to our experts to recommend an upgrade. We advised that they remove their old balanced flue convector heater and replace it with a Kestrel 250S. This powered flue fan-assisted heater is known for its cost saving benefits. It also does not generate power for combustion from the space around it, meaning the air quality for this public building was able to be preserved. The new system offers visitors consistent warmth whilst maintaining a comfortable airflow.

Factory heating

Heating a large factory is no easy task which is why having a robust and high performing system is important. Enter commercial gas heaters – a recent job for our team involved replacing defunct overhead heating units with Kestrel 55 powered flue fan-assisted heaters. Kestrel 55 heaters offer the highest output of all of our heaters, as well as boasting additional benefits including providing rapid and comfortable heating. Due to this, the Kestrel 55 heater was determined to be the best solution for our client; the Charisma factory in Yorkshire.

Commercial gas heaters for village halls

Village halls are often well used buildings requiring fast heat up times and flexible heating solutions. Commercial gas heaters are a perfect fit as two village halls recently found out. Our installers fitted Tilbury Village Hall in Essex with a Kestrel 55S which replaced 38 year old heaters that were no longer efficient. The Kestrel 55S powered flue fan-assisted model is a great option for this style of building, thanks to its fast heat up time and the option to have safety guards fitted where necessary. Terrington Village Hall in North Yorkshire also benefited from new heaters as they replaced their old powered flue heaters with newer models.

Church heating

Church heating remains one of our areas of expertise thanks to more than 50 years of experience dealing with properties in the sector. A recent heating upgrade saw our team fit a heating system for St James’ Church in Merton. This installation required a new gas carcass and a 12 heater scheme. The heaters were recommended and fitted as part of a major refurbishment of the building.

Do you need a heating solution for a commercial space? Please contact our experts to discuss your requirements today!

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