Kamara heaters: driving commercial heater sales

It’s been six months since we joined forces with DRU Verwarming B.V. and launched our new K series of powered flue fan-assisted gas heaters and in that time more than 200 have been installed in public buildings throughout the UK.

Collaborating with DRU back in May allowed us to add three of their Kamara heaters to our commercial heater range – the K7, K12 and K16, which now make up our K series.

Although there are no universal space heating solutions, where an application regularly requires fast, effective intermittent heat, our K series powered flue gas heaters are an excellent option as they have no pilot light (which can burn 50-55 per cent of the total gas for no return).

In fact, Kamara heaters have been specifically engineered to cope with high demand space heating which is why we often recommend them for heating churches, schools, town halls, leisure centres and other public buildings. As they operate by forced air convection – drawing air from outside the building for combustion – they can warm up a large church or school assembly very quickly and efficiently. Heat can then be easily regulated using the built-in thermostat ensuring a comfortable level of warmth is maintained all year round.

Like a dog is not just for Christmas, a heater is certainly not just for winter. Powered flue gas heaters are useful at all times of year: in the winter they can provide instant, efficient heating when its required most, or can be set to a low thermostat level to safeguard the structure of a building from frost damage; in the summer they can circulate cool air as a form of air conditioning.

Choosing between our three K series models is a choice of heat output – from 7 to 16 kW – and a choice that’s generally determined by room size. All of our K series powered flue gas heaters have cold touch enclosures so they can be safely located in schools or nurseries. We also offer the option of an extended flue for locations that are inaccessible for ordinary gas heaters, like car showrooms or remote farm buildings.

When compared with other types of gas heaters, powered flue gas heaters provide greater efficiency, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. Our K series room-sealed powered flue gas heaters, for example, achieve up to 93.9 per cent heating efficiency – an impressive performance for gas heating appliances.

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