Winter commercial gas heating – keeping your public building warm over Christmas

Keeping a public building warm over the festive period can be a challenge. Opening hours may vary, and if the predicted cold snap makes an appearance this winter, it’s imperative your building remains warm. Winter commercial gas heating should be cost effective; the ideal scenario is a well heated building that’s budget friendly. Here, our heating experts discuss how to keep your building warm over the festive period…

Intermittent commercial gas heating

A challenge for many public buildings is keeping the building warm when needed but not wasting money when it isn’t in use. Is it best to keep your heating on if your building is in regular use? Or should you set heating to a timer?

There is conflicting information online about what you should do in this instance. The general advice is to only have your heating on when the building requires it. However, as public buildings are often large spaces that can take longer to heat than the average home, it’s worth considering how quickly you can heat up the space when required.

If the building is prone to condensation, it can be better to keep the heating on to avoid damp. Damp could end up costing you more long term than heating the room. A powered flue fan assisted heater has been designed to help prevent the spread of damp.

Ensuring you have an energy efficient heater such as our Kestrel 55 can help to keep costs down without compromising on warmth.

Effective winter heating

Even with the best commercial gas heating solutions, there are other ways your building may lose warmth. Identifying areas where insulation may be lacking or draughts may be likely to occur and taking preventative measures may help.

Understandably, you may not wish to undertake any works to your building to keep heat in, but consider keeping doors closed. This applies to doors that connect rooms inside as well as the main entrances. Simply turning the temperature down by a couple of degrees on your thermostat can also save money long term. Much of the heat loss in large public buildings comes from the roof. If your roof is poorly insulated, investing in a solution can help save money in the long run.

If your building is open to the public and children are often around, for instance a church or school, you may want to consider a heater that can be fitted with safety guards. Some heaters, such as our Kestrel 250S also allow controls to be used under a lockable compartment for optimum safety.

Other safe heating options include balanced flue convector heaters. These heaters provide comfortable heat to buildings and the room sealed heat exchanger makes it easier to clean for staff members.

To find out more about commercial gas heating for your public building this winter, please contact us.

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