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With our team having supplied commercial space heating solutions for over half a century, it seemed only fitting that we take a look back at over 50 years’ of Vulcana Gas. We’ve been fortunate over the years to supply many commercial properties with space heating solutions for their needs including public buildings such as churches, schools, retail units and sports centres. To celebrate, we’ve created an infographic outlining some of the most notable dates in Vulcana history.

One of the sectors that we have worked closely with over the years is the education sector, with Vulcana having secured its first major school contract back in 1967. This was closely followed by another contract win for our first church supply in Essex based St Andrew’s, which led to us working with many other church buildings across the country.

A year later in 1973, the Vulcana fixed price servicing agreement was introduced. This addition to our offering has always been well received; allowing our customers to ensure their servicing is conducted by GAS SAFE registered engineers, while also remaining cost effective and allowing for easy budget management. In 1974, we introduced the first glass fronted live fuel effect fire allowing for a more modern space heating solution.

Our balanced flue heaters have always been a popular heating solution due to their ability to provide flexible warmth to any room including libraries, schools and many other types of commercial building. The fact that they’re much safer than many other heater types has meant they’ve appealed to many of our customers over the years. They were first introduced by us to our customers back in 1966 and have remained part of our range ever since.

1982 saw us import our first powered flue fan assisted heater from Japan, a significant moment in Vulcana history. These heaters provide an efficient space heating solution as they offer reduced energy consumption benefits. Fast forward to 1994, and the powered flue fan assisted heater was manufactured in the UK, a significant moment for the heating industry as a whole.

While we’ve always been fortunate to have a fantastic client base, in 1995 Vulcana began to be awarded significant industry recognition. It was the year that sparked our award winning streak as we won the H & V News Award for Industrial / Commercial Product of the Year with the popular Kestrel 400 series. It was a celebratory period for the business that was set to continue in to the late 1990s, as 1999 also saw us win The Times Newspapers’ ‘E-Commerce Solutions’ prize.

Now with over 50 years of experience behind us, we’re looking forward to finding out what the next 50 may bring. To find out more about space heating solutions, contact us here or please call one of our friendly team on 01444 415871.

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