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Vulcana Space Heating Solutions – keeping you warm for over 50 years

Wednesday 14 March 18

With our team having supplied commercial space heating solutions for over half a century, it seemed only fitting that... more »

Best practice for gas heater installations

Monday 31 March 14

We’ve been experiencing an increasing number of calls from engineers recently with gas heater issues which could have been... more »

Don’t fall foul of illegal gas fitters

Thursday 20 February 14

Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances in public buildings can cause leaks, fires and explosions as well as... more »

Energy efficient space heating

Monday 6 January 14

The balance between comfort and energy efficiency is a delicate one and can easily be upset, especially when heating... more »

Kamara heaters: driving commercial heater sales

Thursday 12 December 13

It’s been six months since we joined forces with DRU Verwarming B.V. and launched our new K series of... more »

School heater surveys – get yours checked before the cold sets in

Thursday 10 October 13

In January this year, BBC News reported that nearly 5,000 schools had been closed as the UK faced its... more »

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